This video contains examples of Mollura’s work as a composer. Specific audio examples are available upon request.


Dream music night at the olander

A unique stimulating summer night in Malibu with Dr. Michael Mollura PhD and his musical colleagues in a sacred artistic space which included a discussion and video about DREAMS and a special never done before performance consisting of original music put to actual dream reports. Attendees are asked brought their dreams that were discussed and performed to. The night also include a free tour of Leigh McCloskey’s infamous 3D Mythological Library – followed by a screening of DENT: THE HEALE which is a brief documentary on Michael’s work as the world’s first composer/psychotherapist.


Mata Hari / Мата Хари 

Music by: Michael Mollura - Nudra Drive (OST: Mata Hari)

Clip: Holi Day Историческая достоверность - ноль. Просто красивый фильм.


HARE KRISHNA! Original Score by Michael Mollura 

Music invocation for the opening titles to the feature film HARE KRISHNA to be released in the Summer of 2017. Music composed by Michael Mollura and sung by Arjun Baba.