HEAL DOCUMENTARY - The Award Winning Film | MICHAEL MOLLURA On the DR. ERIN SHOW Join us in this conscious discussion about how you have the power to heal. We talk about the source of disease, spontaneous remission, the power of meditation, sound healing, the psychology of healing, and much more.

BMI INTERVIEW: BMI speaks to Michael Mollura on the score of "Hot Coffee", Gingger Shankar (Composer) and Maryam Keshavarz (Director) on working together on the score of "Circumstance," and Vivek Maddala on the score of "Kaboom" at BMI's 13th Annual Composer/Director Sundance Roundtable. More on BMI and Sundance More on BMI and Film & Television Get paid when your music gets played.

VIDEO BLOG: Michael Mollura at the Sundance Film Festival. 

CASE STUDY: Dr. Michael Mollura discusses the psychology behind dream music with student Diego Jerez.


Michael Mollura, Ph.D., joins Bonnie Bright, Ph.D., to discuss his groundbreaking work with music and dreams. This exciting approach to psychotherapy includes researched clinical strategies to address the thematic content of client dreams. In recurring sessions, the client collaborates with Michael as he uses his skill and gifts as a composer to re-create the experience of the dream using sounds, vibrations, and tones which then create a musical landscape that best describes the dream in a new collaborative piece of music composition.

VIDEO BLOG: Composer Michael Mollura created a cohesive musical fabric for the moving film 'Climate Refugees', screened during Sundance. Mollura took a moment to discuss the soul and the spirit he needed to convey with his score.

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: MICHAEL MOLLURA, Composer for "Climate Refugees" discusses the creative process behind music and film. 

AUDIO BLOG: Michael Mollura at Sundance Film Festival discusses scoring Climate Refugees.