“Michael Mollura is a treasure! The attendees of our Esalen Inspirational Film Festival absolutely loved taking part in his first ever Dream Music Master Class -- almost as much as we loved presenting it! Michael masterfully intertwined his warm and intuitive nature with his deep knowledge of the science (and art) of dreams in a way that both informed and inspired. The icing on the cake was to observe his creative genius as he composed such impactful music right before our eyes!”

- Christine E. Leuthold Co-Director of The Esalen Inspirational Film Festival Brand strategist and voiceover artist for greater good initiatives



“Michael Mollura is all heart. As a master storyteller through music composition,  unique in his vision and diverse in his range, Michael truly enters in to the spirit of each film he approaches. With remarkable sensitivity and a breadth of experience at his fingertips, he lifts whatever he touches to new heights. Prolific, talented, and a skilled collaborator, he is a filmmakers dream.”

Lauren Ross, Producer & Director - HARE KRISHNA! 


“The moment I heard Michael's music, it went straight to the heart and I knew I wanted to work with him. 

Michael is a consummate artist and humanitarian––his scores speak volumes in this regard.”

Paola di Florio, Co-writer/producer/director: AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda, Consulting Producer: Hare Krishna: The Mantra, The Movement and the Swami who Started it all



"Michael is a gem of a person, great to work with and added a huge amount to the production value of our film with his brilliant mixing of Western and Indian music. His musical emotional highs and lows added so much to Prabhupada's story. Michael was always on call, did his very best to deliver on time and when we came up against an unexpected music rights issue, delivered the same day! I would consider it an honor to work with Michael again."

John Griesser, Producer - HARE KRISHNA! 



"I met Michael at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival after the screening of the film CLIMATE REFUGEES where I really loved his music. I approached him and asked Michael to compose the music for my film HOT COFFEE and he got back to me right away. Michael is a wonderful composer with passion and dedication. His music is also beautiful. I would highly recommend Michael.” 

Susan Saladoff,  Director - HOT COFFEE



“When I first talked to Michael, I knew he was my guy. He understood my vision, the truth of this film, and how we wanted the music to reflect a fusion of spirituality and adventure. Michael knows the sacred sound because he lives it. He can play music that touches us deeply because he has gone there and goes there himself. Michael’s rich talents are supported by his vast network of musicians which is a testament to his years of building bridges and friends in the industry. So trusted and appreciated is he, that the legendary Jon Anderson came on to this project through him. On this project Michael no less than magically whisked up track after track, creating what seems like three albums worth of work in no time at all. Nothing but the highest regard for michael and his tireless effort to share our vision in the form of film and music. I so believe in Michael that I hand delivered and sat down with his next clients, showing them the work he did on our film, well before the film was released. I wanted them to know, that Michael is there guy and your guy.” 

Adam Schomer, Writer & Producer - THE HIGHEST PASS




"Michael has really allowed my films to breathe for the first time. He is uber talented in blending visuals, emotions, and the story arc with music. If you want your project to go to the next level, call this music mad man.”  

Michael Nash, Director - CLIMATE REFUGEES & NEBRASKA


“I recently completed directing a low-budget indie feature film, RECONCILIATION, and as I turned my focus to the post sound work I was at a crossroads with regards to the score/music. Should I use a band I was friendly with but had no experience scoring a movie, or should I search for a composer? My biggest dilemma was money.One afternoon one of the main actors called me and said I have a composer friend who read the script and he’d love to speak with you about scoring the movie. I expressed the fact that we didn’t have much money to offer, but he said just do me a favor and meet with him. In the meantime, Michael sent me over some samples of music he envisioned for the movie. I was conflicted because I wanted to work with him but didn’t have much to offer and I didn’ know if what little I had to offer should be used in other areas of post production. To make a long story short, I hired Michael (which came with his team of musicians and engineer and producer) and it was one of the best decisions I made. Michael and his team poured their heart, sweat and soul into delivering a compelling, moving score that complements the movie from beginning to end. He has been professional, easy to work with, accommodating and a true blessing to our project. I can’t put a price tag on what Michael and his team delivered. I would hire Michael again and again. I’m truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him and I’m confident beyond a doubt that I made the right decision hiring him.”  

Chad Ahrendt, Director - RECONCILIATION