“As Editor of the documentary feature film, The Highest Pass, I experienced Michael’s creativity, professional collaborative style, sensitivity to music setting mood, supporting emotion and story. His knowledge of the myriad forms of music provides a deep catalog from which to choose. He wrote music for the film that took us on a wonderful journey, at once, dark, soaring and inspirational.”

- Dan Perrett, Editor The Highest Pass

"It is a joy to collaborate with Michael as he skillfully interprets the essence of the energy of a moment, a piece or what you are conveying emotionally with mastery. His ability to convey the consciousness through the symphony of sound comes from the heart of the truth connecting to his own spiritual guidance centered in a pure heart.”

Patti Penn, Founder of Pause in Joy

“Michael is well educated, well organized, a talented writer and editor, and an exceptional musician/composer. He is motivated, loyal and a very hard worker. As an employee of a major magazine for ten years he has cultivated a strong web of contacts in many fields. He has powerful “people” skills and an extensive social network.”

- Mike Gormley, Co-Owner of Yes Dear Entertainment, Former Head at Virgin Records, 30 + years in the Entertainment Industry

“Michael’s a guy who means what he says, and says what he means. It’s a breath of fresh air to find a guy in our industry that is genuine, and not a poser. (like so many other wannabes) If you value integrity and honesty, then knowing Michael is worth a King’s ransom. I asked him to write some spec music for a film I have in pre-production, figuring he’d give me a basic demo and instead he gave me and my production team gold and blew us all away! If you are a producer looking for that fresh talent who will attack your project with authenticity, heart and commitment, give this newcomer to the music composing genre a call. Somehow, he’s one of those guys you work with and he just makes you feel good no matter what the project is, even if it’s a classic thrasher psychological thriller or a film out to change the world! Michael can do it all and he’ll surprise the heck out of you.”

- Terry Rindal, Seven Below Zero Film Producer, POW Agency / Authentic Voyages

Michael Mollura is an impressive human.

- Elizabeth Hodson, Art Director

“I hired Michael and his Sacred World Music ensemble for an event at the Pacific Asia Museum and he MADE the event. The music was exquisite, provided the absolutely perfect ambiance for the event (he was very sensitive to the needs of the event), and they looked beautiful to boot! Many people asked me for his contact information, which is a true testament to his talent! His top qualities include being an expert, good value and creative.” 

- Bridgett Fonder, Event Producer

“We have worked with Michael a few times throughout the years and each time he has brought creativity, professionalism, and spunk to our conversations! As a media outlet for many talented musicians, our clients need help getting started and recognized, Michael has been able to help us deliver those ingredients to the final product for our clients and we wish him all the success in his future endeavors. On behalf of Helping Heroes and our talented clients, thanks for support. Rock On!!

Michelle A. Bart, Helping Heroes Productions

“I know Michael from our days at New York University. Michael is rock-solid, personable and has great depth as a composer.”

- Bernard Tubiana, Principal at Deloitte Consulting

“I love working with Michael! Every time I had a new client or event, he is first on my list of contacts. He’s a straight-shooter, always giving me great feedback. He’s honest, an expert and he knows something about everyone in the business! He’s always available to take my calls or answer my emails. Michael is delightful joy to work with – a rarity in this business of pressing deadlines – and someone that can inspire you even when you’re in the clutches of an exasperating situation. I’d love to work with him in the future. If you ever need a go-to guy, Michael’s the man!!!”

- Regina Davis, Artist

“Michael is a uniquely talented individual. He draws upon his exceptional skills as a musician, composer, writer/editor and teacher to bring to the table a distinct perspective and approach. He is a compassionate person with a tremendous curiosity that is reflected in his writing and in all his work. His easy-going nature allows him to be receptive and open to new ideas.”

- Marcy Wexler, Owner, A Fashionable Life and AFL Music

“Michael Mollura’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and creativity make him a pleasure to work with. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for a composer whose creativity is inline with modern online media campaigns and social networking. He is definitely an innovative writer whose thoughts appeal to the masses. There’s nothing like a man who knows how to follow directions and make you feel good about the creative process all the way through.”

- Mary Ammons, Designer

“Michael is a great writer, a brilliant musician, a positive person, and a joy to work with. A fantastic addition to any team, I would welcome any opportunity to work with him again in the future.” 

- Mara Hitner, composer, musician and producer

“There are few better writers then Michael Mollura. What makes Michael most important though is his ability to work with people of all genres of music and thinking, while keeping an open mind. He can really surprise you with his depth and versatility and can take you from Goth-punk rock to prog-rock to classical-oriented orchestral pieces with world music variables in a heartbeat.”

- Joey Alkes, Independent Entertainment Professional

“Michael’s a guy who means what he says, and says what he means. It’s a breath of fresh air to find a guy in our industry that is genuine, and not a poser. (like so many other wannabes) If you value integrity and honesty, then knowing Michael is worth a King’s ransom.”

- Terry Rindal, POW Agency / Dog & Pony Media LLC / Authentic Voyages

“Michael is always a pleasure to work with, and an outstanding genuine soul.”

- Sidra Fullerton, Former Virgin Records Music Publicist

“Michael has proven his ethics and abilities throughout the years in helping develop and acknowledging talent on the street and in the profession on numerous clients i have been involved with. its always been a pleasure to deal with him.
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

- Dan McConomy, Ambianz Owner

“Michael is a wonderful and gifted person who is talented, focused and a joy to work with. His work ethic, professionalism & commitment make him an asset to any job or project he is part of. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again in the near future.”

- George Bellias, Producer

“Michael is a skillful, creative and gifted writer. He is always on top of projects and easily accessible.”

-Karen Tallier, Owner, LOUDMOUTH Entertainment and Entertainment Specialist

“Michael is shy about admitting it, but he’s a renaissance guy. An experienced editor, seasoned musician, and, important in my world, a world class yogi as well. You should talk to Michael and consider him for an open position at your firm, institution or project. You might even get a hit of transformation from this kid.”

- Music Connection – Cary Baker, Owner of Conqueroo

“Michael is a consummate professional…the whole package! He’s a veteran on his beat, he’s concise, detail oriented, totally experienced, great instincts, everyone knows him and he’s returns phone calls and emails.”

- Gayl Murphy, Media Expert, Hollywood Correspondent, Speaker, Author and Presenter of “Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media”

“Michael is an amazingly generous and loving individual. He puts his heart in to everything he does and is always looking to support others with what they are up to in life. I am proud to call him my friend.”

- Jason Dombrow, Professional Organizer, Business Owner, NAPO Member

 “A singular talent himself. A unique visionary.”

- Lindsey Anderson, Interactive Marketing Manager at McCann Worldgroup

“As a colleague at Music Connection, Michael Mollura worked closely with me for 10 years to turn out the best musicians magazine there is. Beyond his obvious skills as a writer/editor (not to mention his talents as a musician, film expert, and consummate never-say-die NY Mets fan), Michael has a winning personality and is verbally gifted; I’ve often thought he would make a team member for any music project.”

- Mark Nardone, Senior Ed., Music Connection Magazine

“I have known and managed Michael for about 10 years. He is very detail oriented, has a high level of integrity, and interacts well with others. His composing skills are excellent and I highly recommend Michael for any position. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.”

- Eric Bettelli, Publisher Music Connection Magazine

“Michael is the first person I put in my database. He always has time for the little guys, and xo the fact that he takes the time from his busy day to chat, email, respond and or brianstorm with me!!!”

- Kaytea McIntoshm, Cary Baker Publicity

“Michael is an amazingly bright person who has a wealth of knowledge of the music business. I have personally learned a lot from him. His attention to detail and his skills are brilliant.”  

- Hillorie Rudolph, Writer

“Michael is a very spiritual and inspiring being with his fingers on the pulse of LA’s cultural and music happenings!”

- Jeanette Issa, Music Representative & Manager