Film | TV Music Composer


"Michael Mollura is a genius in his mastery of music and his dedication to revealing the vibrations of Soul." Motion Picture Producer Adam Schomer  

2018 - ROAD TO DHARMA - post production.  TV docu-series produced by Adam Schomer.  

2018 - WILD HORSES - post production.  Feature film about the plight of natural horses driven off the prairy.

2017 - Completed the original score for HEAL documentary featuring Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Anthony William (The Medical Medium) and many more world–renowned health experts.  

2017 - Completed original scores for Yadubara Das film: HARE KRISHNA

2016 - Composed an original score for Jill Goldman’s film: THE GIRL BEFORE the MIRROR.  In addition to many dream music pieces for freelance projects.

2015 - Mollura composed a score for Adam Schomer’s ONE LITTLE PILL and CLARITY starring Nadine Valazquez.

2014 - 2015- Mollura composed scores for the feature film AWAKE THE LIFE OF YOGANANDA directed and produced by Paola Diflorio, Lisa Leeman and Peter Rader CP Films. Available on Netflix and Amazon. 

2012 - Winner of HMMA Award for BEST SONG for an Indie Feature and BEST SCORE for an Indie Feature.

2011- Composed the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL features HOT COFFEE and  CLIMATE REFUGEES as well as critically award winning feature films RECONCILIATION and THE HIGHEST PASS.


Award-winning feature film composer Michael R. Mollura has worked on a plethora of films that have premiered at celebrated festivals such as The Sundance Film Festivals and The Illuminate Film Festival.   

Mollura has created original scores for popular documentaries such as  HOT COFFEE that was purchased by HBO and award-winning dramatic feature films such as RECONCILIATION, Nebraska and Clarity.

Michael Mollura also composed the “haunting” (Variety magazine Review; 2010) score for the feature film CLIMATE REFUGEES which had its premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

For consecutive years, Michael has been selected to participate in the Sundance Film Festival’s prestigious BMI Director/Composer Roundtable

Michael's award-winning composition for the feature film, The Highest Pass  included "Best Song" for the title track with vocals by supergroup rockstar JON ANDERSON of the band YES.

In 2010 Michael also completed a score for a special DVD/Art project in collaboration with well known psychotherapist/author/photographer, Robert Romanyshyn titled ANTARCTICA. The music for this project is hypnotic, transformational and soulful and part of a series of projects investigating the psychological impact of sound and images.

Mollura’s music is currently airing on a national commercial for T-MOBILE and his pieces have been licensed for everything from sports action cues to romantic drama and coming of age themed projects.

Mollura’s work includes music compositions which have been used for theater, cinema, TV, commercial and world music genres in more ways than can be documented here. His extensive experiences as a composer, studio musician and performer makes his perspective unique and complements his ability to effectively relate and serve others in the entertainment industry with a tremendous amount of authenticity, compassion and enthusiasm. Michael’s music offers a fresh take on old-school and alternative contemporary theme scoring strategies that keeps viewers engaged, touched and inspired. Mollura is well respected and deeply appreciated in his working relationships. This is evident in that Michael has consecutively been selected by BMI to take part in a distinguished panel at The Sundance Film Festial as a veteran composers where directors and the like, discuss the importance of having a positive relationship with everyone during the production process of any project by invoking the spirit of love, creativity and the imagination on any any project regardless of its thematic content.


Widely recognized and respected in the entertainment, academic and spiritual communities as someone you can rely on to complete your personal mission or current projects, Michael’s expertise and strategies as a music master is versatile, fresh, introspective and backed with trained intelligence from New York University and the University of Miami. Michael takes great pride in being able to write music of almost any genre, but feels he is most aligned with films with spiritual, family, drama, children, documentary, World and psychological thriller themes.

Michael Mollura first broke out as a composer for theater in New York City providing challenging theme music for off-off Broadway productions such as Bertolt Brecht’s Good Woman of Szechuan, Jean Paul Sartre’s The Flies as well as other experimental minimalistic productions incorporating dance, movement and art. After scoring several documentary shorts while recording and performing in various music ensembles, he scored his first full-length film NEBRASKA in 1998. Since then, he has written music for several theater and commercial projects while also playing a vital role in the preservation and appreciation of music from around in the world.