Awake and Heal Composer Michael Mollura is also a PhD level life reflections coach and is now offering Dream & Music Coaching services as an alternative to traditional psychotherapy for those individuals who are not comfortable with the stigma of doing clinical work associated with psychological pathology.  Unlike traditional psychotherapy, Reflection Coaching sessions focus on day-to-day life challenges including work, nutrition and lifestyle decisions to help manage stress.  The work might include limited dream work with music if requested.  Coaching is less formal than psychotherapy and the work is designed as a support system rather than trying to reduce symptoms like severe depression, bipolar, hallucinations or panic disorders. Coaching services are extended to people living in any geographical location including overseas through internet-online video calls.  This service is in no way associated with clinical psychology work.

Fees range from $200-$300 with sliding scale options with proof of income.  INSURANCE is not accepted as payment for Coaching services.  For a free consultation or for more questions contact michael@michaelmolluramusic.com or 213-280-9625.