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Above you will find a PLAYER for various music samples which have been composed for specific visual media projects. I have chosen these samples from three of the most RECENT projects I am currently composing music for which show my versatility and complexity. Production was engineered and produced by Keith Kohn as well as additional rhythm tracks. Vocals were performed by Danielle Rizk. Cello performances were done by Eddie Young. Clarinet performances were done by Alethea Lamb. Vocals for Highest Pass tracks were sung by Violeta Villacorta, MoMo Loudiyi and Rock music legend Jon Anderson with Sitar tracks by Marty Lieberman. I have an entire library of musical cues that are also available upon request.

The Title Song “Never Alone” for the film HOT COFFEE was sung by Samantha Stollenwerck. Music by Michael R. Mollura. Lyrics by Samantha Stollenwerck and Susan Saladoff with guitar solos by Momo Loudiy.

What is not here are my many samples of music available for use for commercial projects. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to hear more.

The T-Mobile commercial I have music in can be accessed HERE. All music is owned and copy protected. BMI © 2009, 2010, 2011, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

01-THE HIGHEST PASS (2011) – Is a feature documentary directed and written by Adam Schomer and produced by Jon Fitzgerald and Back9 productions. This is an amazing spiritual journey film about the trek of a group of motorcyclists who voyage up to the top of the Himalayan Mountains with a spiritual teacher guiding them. The music score will consist of everything from Tibetan, Hindu and Sufi themes to standard orchestral/cello/piano arrangements as well as electronica. I have used musicians from all over the world to do this score and it has been an incredible journey thus far. So much more to come regarding this score.

02-HOT COFFEE (2010) – is a feature length documentary directed by Susan Saladoff. This is an important film that explores the story of tort reforms in America and the fight or struggle with corporate America. I am very excited about this score and I fell in love with Alethea Lamb’s clarinet performances which I felt gave the score its spirit. The film had its premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and was then purchased by HBO. The film aired in July of 2011 and is available “On Demand”. The film has received four star reviews from the NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post and many other sources in the country. Currently being considered for an Academy Award Nomination.

03-CLIMATE REFUGEES (2010) – Is a feature documentary directed and written by Michael Nash and produced by Justin Hogan. This is an ambitious, well-directed documentary concerning the current critical condition of refugees from natural disasters around the world. The score is indigenous to the countries where the film was shot — Africa, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Alaska, South Pacific, China and New Orleans. The film had its debut at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and has received positive press from the New York Times and many other periodicals around the world.

04-AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda (2014) – is a feature documentary-drama directed by Paola Diflorio Lisa Leeman and Peter Rader and is expected to start screening in October-2014 in New York City and Los Angeles. The score includes dramatic orchestral pieces, spiritual thematic textures and world grooves. All of these pieces were composed for the film though not all of them made it to the screen.

05-RECONCILIATION (2010) – is a feature drama directed by Chad Ahrendt and is expected to start screening in May 2010. The film is the story of a man attempting to reconcile with his father before he passes away. The score is primarily piano with strings, cello and clarinet. I’m particularly excited about this score because my first love is “dramatic scores” and this film shows that dramatic genres bring out the passion in my work. This film is currently available for purchase a

06-Michael Mollura with Jon Anderson (2013) – As part of an ongoing project I have composed several songs with Supergroup YES singer Jon Anderson. Some of these songs have been used for film projects I have worked on. Working with Jon is a dream come true for me. I saw YES many times as a teen at Madison Square Garden and to work with Jon is an honor. More of these songs to come in the future.

07-THE ANTARCTICA PROJECT (2010) – Was written and produced by the distinguished philosopher, poet, author and psychotherapist Dr. Robert Romanyshyn. It is an art/video project that called for the composition of music to a series of over 70 images taken in the Antarctica. This is a very special and unique DVD that will be available for sale very soon. The project journeys into the heart of soul and how it manifests through the images of the Earth that claim us and make us whole. It is a creative, philosophical, spiritual and psychological visual that integrates my work and interest in archetypal psychology, mythology, dream work, soul and music.

07-HOW I GOT OVER (2013) – Is a 2013-2014 feature documentary directed and produced by Nicole Boxerr and produced in association with by Tim Rockland and Stephen Nemeth. The music score will consist of everything from Soul and Urban themes to standard orchestral/cello/piano arrangements as well as electronica. I have used musicians from the Soul Music community in Los Angeles including stirring vocals by Colleen Thomas. So much more to come regarding this score.

08-DREAM MUSIC (2013) – The music found under “Dream Music” is part of an ongoing project whereby I am composing music to reported dreams from individuals I work with in various capacities. In addition to being a composer, I have a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and I use music to work with dream content in order to go deeper into the phenomenological life world of the dreamer to uncover unconscious material. There are two samples of music composed to reported dreams. These are actual participants reporting their dreams. To learn more about this clinical work visit

09 -ELECTRONICA CINEMA (2013) – One of my passions is electronic music for both cinema and dance art. In this folder are 15 samples of dramatic electronic-based compositions for licensing or auditioning purposes for projects requiring technologically based music.

10 -ONE LITTLE PILL (2014) – Feature documentary film directed by Adam Schomer. This film premiered at Mann’s Chinese Theater on August 23, 2014. The score features electronica, piano, dramatic pads and a variety of textures.

All film and commercial projects can be validated with references and testimonials by the directors I worked with and am currently working with on each project. Feel free to request contact information for recommendations and testimonials.

With Great Respect and Gratitude Always — I look forward to working with you soon!

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